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Our reports and services are accepted by all domestic and international underwriters and financial institutions


Insurance Condition & Value Survey: A safety, seaworthiness and valuation requirement of most knowledgeable insurance companies.

Prepurchase Condition & Value Survey: Comprehensive survey conducted prior to purchase of a new or used vessel. Note: a prepurchase not only provides detailed decision making information for the purchaser, but  is also useful for obtaining financing and insurance.

Walk-thru Survey:  A quick evaluation for a boat seller's vessel, to get an idea of condition and value prior to putting her on the market.

Finance Survey: Usually required when re-financing a vessel, similar to the insurance survey.

Above surveys will have an appraisal of value as part of the report.

Insurance Arbitration: Advocate for client in opposition to the insurance company surveyor or adjuster.

Damage Survey: Upon request conducted immediately following a casualty loss, i.e. sinking, fire, collision, human causality, hurricane, etc.

Corrosion Survey: Necessary when metal deterioration and wasting is observed, can include ultrasonic (audio) gaging of plating, hull, tanks, etc or millivolt testing with an AgCl reference electrode for galvanic corrosion.

Hull Survey: Usually conducted as part of a prepurchase survey, this is a dry-dock inspection of hull exterior and running gear.

Engine Survey: Usually performed during the prepurchase survey and in conjunction with the prepurchase survey sea trial. Conducted by an accredited marine engine surveyor  or master marine mechanic.  

Engine & Gear Fluid Analysis: A spectrophotometer service performed during the prepurchase survey upon request of client.

Moisture Content: Utilization of Sovereign electronic moisture metering equipment to determine wet/dry condition of fiberglass/wood hulls, decks, wood frames and spars, etc., upon request of client.

Infrared Themographic Imaging: This is a non-destructive testing (NDT) service performed on hull sides for moisture or damage evaluation. Electrical systems may also be surveyed for over current conditions, i.e. overheated wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, etc., NDT tests upon request of client.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gaging: We utilize state of the art Panametrics (Olympus) model 37DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gage with metal test blocks traceable to National Center for Standards and Certification (NCSC), aluminum vessel inspection of hull plating thickness, also fuel, potable water, gray water, ballast water tankage structural integrity NDT inspection. NDT tests upon request of client.

Sea Trials: Usually conducted as part of a prepurchase survey, See Marine Survey Why?

Import/Export (duty) Appraisals: Valuation of vessels' brought into the U.S. or exported from U.S.

Donation Appraisals: Donations to non-profit or charitable organizations must meet IRS Non-cash Charitable Contribution requirements.

Estate Appraisals: A vessel valuation for divorce or estate settlements.  

Tonnage Measurements: A requirement for registering U.S. Federally document or foreign flagged vessels.  

Expert Witness Testimony: A service we proffer in this litigious boating world.  

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